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About Us

Recovery 12 are proud to offer sobriety medallions, AA chips, 12 step Inspirational literature and recovery cards, AA chips to groups and individuals throughout the UK, Europe & the World.

Our range of AA coins, chips and medallions includes Newcomer and Aluminium Medallions, Bronze Sobriety Medallions, Speciality Medallions, Souvenir Medallions, AA Chip Storage Boxes, aa coin Displays, Our newcomer and Aluminium medallions include 24 Hour Newcomer Chip Aluminium 1 Month Sobriety chip Aluminium Red all the way up to 11 Month Sobriety chip Aluminium Red Our bronze sobriety medallions include 1 Year Bronze Sobriety Chip, all the years up to 60 Year Bronze Sobriety Chip.

Then there's our specialty medallions section which has medallions such as Classic Black Tri Plate medallion, Mandarin Red Tri Plate medallion , Midnight Blue Tri Plate medallion, Bi-Plate

There are also the souvenir medallions range which has such medallions as Recovery Angel Tri Plate Black and Expect a Miracle, Miracles Happen Aluminium Chip.We also have a wide range of recovery and 12 step and inspirational books such as 12 Step Prayer Book, A Day at a Time, AA Big Book Study Edition Black, Alcoholics Anonymous: Reproduction First Edition, Alcoholics Anonymous: Reproduction First Edition. (Paperback),  Second Year Sobriety, Sobriety Without End.

We also stock recovery and sobriety gifts such as recovery bookmarks, recovery candles, recovery AA key rings. Our greeting cards give you inspirational reading and phrases to help you through your recovery with such titles as The Serenity Prayer (Blue), The Serenity Prayer (Brown),

Our inspirational cards also give you that daily reminder of the path to recovery you are taking and assist you on the way, 3rd Step Prayer & 7th Step Prayer, A Symbol of Serenity, Sobriety.We have jewellery including necklaces, pins, badges with Necklace AA White on Red, Necklace AA Silver Large, Necklace Gold small, Pin AA Blue on Orange, Pin AA Gold 1, Pin AA Light Green on Red, Pin AA Red on Pink, Pin Camel Gold AA, Pin Do it Sober, Pin Easy Does It, Pin Just for Today, Pin One Day at a Time, Pin Praying Hands Gold on White, Silver Pendant Charm One Day at a Time.

We are a forward thinking company who are always looking for ways to improve and develop our service to you, and we welcome ideas and suggestions for products you would like to see in our range.  If you can not find what you are looking for, please call us and we will do our best to help you.